Hercules The Rescued Dog Saves Owner

November 15, 2011

With pet adoptions, we often say, “who rescued who?” That has been proven true once again, by a dog saved from an Ohio county shelter kill list. A dog loving couple, Elizabeth and Lee Littler, rescued an underweight, injured St Bernard dog set to be killed at the local county shelter. They gave him the name Hercules in honor of his size and all that he’d been through with plans to nurture him back to health and find him a loving home.


That all changed a few hours later when Hercules suddenly began to growl, broke lose from Lee, and crashed through a screen door on their home to chase away an intruder. The Littlers learned the intruder had already cut their phone and cable wires. The amazing loyalty Hercules showed his Rescuers earned him a permanent spot in the family.

“To have adopted a dog 6 hours before the incident and have him already defending you with that resolve, it’s amazing. If you show care and affection to your animals, they will return it,” said Lee in an ABC news interview.

Rescued Dog Saves Family 6 Hours Later • Click to Watch

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  1. […] It probably doesn’t have the desired effect…Ask people why they chain their dogs outside, and I’d bet you a years supply of dog treats that 99 out of 100 people would say “for protection.”  Um, OK….these dogs are chained.  Meaning they can only chase an intruder as far as the end of their chain.  How is that going to stop someone breaking into your house?  Personally, I think that you’ve got a much better chance of your dog “protecting you” from an intruder if you bring him  into your home and show him unconditional love and compassion – just like he has for you already.  Kinda like this. […]

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