The Success of Networking Pets on Pawsitively Texas

October 5, 2011

WAGGIN’ TAIL! Karen posted this found dog yesterday and I shared to the newsfeed because our community is so great about networking lost and found pets! I also did a google search for “lost dog south austin craigslist” – and BOOM! I found a post that seemed to match this cute boy. Karen followed up and … Rupert is going HOME!

Karen writes: “He’s going home! thanks to Pawsitively Texas and Craigslist! He was staying at his grandmother’s here in Austin while his parents moved into a new home and got out with another dog, a pittie…the pittie dug out, no sign of him so far, but Rupert is going home with his mom and dad this weekend!! Grandma is on her way to pick him up!” ♥ ♥ ♥ !


Networking pets saves lives austin lab

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