Show Us Your Black Dog!

September 11, 2011

BLACK DOGS … do you have one? If so, please share your photos! Pawsitively Texas is producing a black dog adoption promo video. As you may know, big black dogs carry a ‘color curse’ as they are among the least adopted. Last April I featured this great ‘Black Dog Adoption’ video by Rockwall Pets! They showed how cool it is to own a black dog! Let’s keep the momentum going to help raise awareness for black dogs – and fight back against this silly stereotype that keeps many black dogs from being adopted!

To submit your photo for consideration, please post on the Pawsitively Texas social media network at:

Submission of photos gives your permission for the photo to be used in this video.

For this video, I can only use the photos posted on (not Facebook); this site allows me to keep the photos organized for production. Thanks!

Here is how to submit photo(s) of your dog(s):

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Sign in (if not already a member, you will need to first sign up – it’s very quick!)
Step 3. On the bluish horizontal menu bar under the page header, select GALLERY
Step 4: Then Select PHOTOS
Step 5: Then click +ADD (center section of page, top right)
Step 6: Upload photo(s) from mobile phone, your computer, or by email (instructions on this page)
Step 7: For Title Write: My Black Dog (and list your dog’s name, for example, mine would read “My Black Dog Auggie”
Step 8: In the Description area, tell us about your dog, if adopted from a shelter, rescue, etc.
Step 9: In the Location section add your city/state
Step 10: Under the photo, in the section called Tags write, black dog
Step 11: Click SAVE (blue/green colored button)

The photos do not have to be professional photos, but we may not be able to use blurry photos.

Deadline to submit your black dog photo is Wednesday, September 14, 2011.

You can also post other photos of your pets if you like! I love to see them and share them on our Facebook page!

Auggie is a black dog rescued from a  kill shelter

My Auggie Doggy … a lab mix Rescued from a high Kill Shelter on Dec 26, 2010


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