Two Girls And A Puppy – Facebook Goes Wild

16 January 2013

Several months ago, a family lost their beloved dog to cancer. The kids, there are five, really wanted another, but the parents were hesitant. On a whim, Dad agreed the kids could post a photo on Facebook and that if they got one million likes, they could have another dog. And so they did setting up a page “two girls and a puppy” with a simple photograph. In just seven hours, their photo and page had met the goal. More than one million likes! Parents are astonished and the kids are jubilant! I can just hear the giggles and shouts of glee the day the new puppy comes home. What a joyful day that will be!

This happened last evening; were you a part of the support team that liked their page and photo?

The power of social media can truly change lives! And save lives … the family states they plan to adopt a rescue or shelter dog!

Two Girls And A Puppy Facebook Viral

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  1. I hope the parents chose to teach their kids another lesson as well and went to a shelter to adopt and save a puppy instead of fueling the overpopulation problem. Those early lessons stay with them for life and can mean the difference life and death for millions of animals.

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