Pets are Therapy. Pets give Life. Pets are Family!

29 October 2013

Pets truly change our life and are the best therapy we could hope for! Pets are family!

dog comic a boy with a handicap meets a happy puppy with three legs

I wish I could give credit to the creator of this comic, but I can’t read the signature and my search online has turned up nothing. If you know, please tell me in comments below. This is so beautiful, credit must be given!

UPDATE: It looks quite possible that the creator of this beautiful comic is Fabio Coala, an artist in Brazil; the signature looks the same. Thanks to John Lamberth for this information!

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3 legged puppy is  a therapy dog





  1. I had a precious chihuahua with 3 legs, she broke it as a puppy and lived 13 years after that! I sure miss my Abby.

  2. What a precious cartoon!!! What a surprising ending 😀 If I were rich and had thousands of acreage, there wouldn’t be any homeless, unloved animals.

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