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“Best Day of My Life!” – Adopted English Bulldog

Best Day of my Life - Bulldog Adoption Video by American Authors with Georgia English Bulldog Rescue

20 September 2013 The Best Day of My Life is an endearing video about the day a bulldog was adopted. Produced by American Authors in conjunction the Georgia English Bulldog rescue. It’s just greatness! But warning … tissue alert at minute 2:40. Happy tears will come. Adopt a homeless pet and give them the best
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Texas Rescue Dog Makes It Big!

Rescue Dog Saved from Shelter kill list and Adopted

28 April 2013 SMALL TOWN TEXAS RESCUE DOG MAKES IT BIG IN NEW YORK! Remember Chester, the adorable black dog, at the Wise County shelter? Day after day, week after week, month after month passed, and there he sat at the shelter until he hit the kill list. Volunteers saved him by taking him to
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Tucker Needs A Home

Tucker: Adorable Cocker Spaniel playing fetch

15 April 2013 Beautiful Cocker Spaniel Available for Adoption Meet Tucker! An adorable black and white Cocker Spaniel with the cutest little brown eyebrows. He is neutered, house and crate trained, and he LOVES his toys. He loves them in his crate and he loves to carry them around where ever he is! He loves
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Homegame … a pet adoption video

Pawsitively Texas Cute Dog on Story Page

 December 19, 2011 The Animal Protective Association of Missouri and DreamWelder Productions did a wonderful job with the production of their pet adoption video titled: “Home Game.”  Starring Rodger Saffold of the St. Louis Rams and Popeye the dog … with Jay A Kelley as the voice of Popeye. Tissue alert … this is a
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Pet Adoption • Fostering • SNYP

November 24, 2011 Cute LOL Dogs and Cats with inspiring messages … enjoy these photos!

Take A Chance On Me Pet Adoption Video

SPCA Wake County Take A Chance on me Pet Adoption Video Photo

October 5, 2011 While some animal shelters make excuses for killing healthy, adoptable pets, others lead by example by creating innovative strategies to help their pets find forever homes. In the case of Seagoville Animal Services, they built a volunteer coalition and put a plea to the local media to help them save lives. Mazie’s
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DFW 24-Hour Pet Adopt-a-thon

check this out dog photo

October 3, 2011 Mazie’s Mission announces the inaugural Fall In Love Fur-ever 24 Hour Adopt-A-Thon which runs from 9pm Friday, October 14 to 9pm Saturday, October 15. The 24-hour event is a one-of-a-kind for North Texas … and yes, if you attend at 3:17am, the adoption center will be open! I asked! In fact, if you come
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How Pet Photos Increase Shelter Pet Adoptions

Cute Lab puppy Photo by Jenny Froh

September 29, 2011 This is a new video that highlights the difference photography can make in a pet being adopted – or not. It is produced by Fix Your Images. Click here to see the other great Pet Photo Tips series blog posts shared by pro photographers in the Pawsitively Texas community. Alva’s Note: Like
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Amazing Grace of Animal Rescue

amazing grace animal rescue

September 15, 2011 “To speak for those who could not …” “You no longer belong to God, but to a man …” “To make the blind see …” “And to lead a movement that will change the world …” “… you have work to do.” “You still have passion, that matters more.” “I once was
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Dog Nurses Motherless Kittens

shelter dog motherless kittens

May 7, 2011 Precious Lily, a shelter dog, took over as Mom when three litters of kittens lost their own respective Moms! Be inspired by her sweet, soul-stirring story! The love of a mother can change the world! So can the love of a dog!