Mugsy and Shiloh: The Story of a Brother and Sister Stray Doggy Duo in Dallas

Mugsy and Shiloh stray dogs photoApril 25, 2010
Mugsy’s story began here last week when he was very short on time at the Dallas animal pound. JP and Megan had been trying to save Mugsy (originally Muggy) and his sister Shiloh from the streets when Mugsy was picked up by DAS. Shiloh was still at large. Rekka produced the great video below that has an update of their story of Shiloh’s rescue – and the reunion with Mugsy.

Please watch the video below, and share! For more information on fostering or adopting Mugsy or Shiloh – or both of them(!) contact JP at jp@therepublicofdog.comShiloh stray dog photo


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