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26 January 2013

A 13 year old black dog was surrendered to a Texas animal shelter; he did not do well with this sudden life change and became in danger of being killed. The situation looked bleak for Ford, an older Rottweiler gent of 13. However, because of passionate volunteers who spend time online sharing the photos and stories of homeless pets at animal shelters, and an out-of-state Rottweiler rescue group, this dear fella named Ford now has a very loving home in Michigan. Ford’s story is truly proof that there is a home for all shelter animals; they just need our help getting the exposure they need to be found by someone who will love them forever. It’s a very beautiful story that I am so blessed to share; please read on below the photo of Ford and his new sister, Lacey (tissue alert).

Ford is a 13 year old Rottweiler dog rescued from a Texas animal shelter and adopted in Michigan (photo).

Paula Miller Lutan, Irving, Texas Animal Shelter Volunteer shares Ford’s story.

Alva – Here is a success story to share with your fans. Ford is a 13 year old male Rottweiler who was owner surrendered to the Irving Animal Shelter due to inadequate housing. He was surrendered with another dog and a couple of cats. We never know the true story as we aren’t there at the shelter when they are surrendered but we knew that these animals had been loved and cared for.

Linda Cochran-Palmer adds “Ford was much loved by his owners. They came upon hard times and ended up homeless. They were living out of their car and could no longer care for Ford, his canine companion, and their two cats. They were sobbing when they turned them in but they knew they couldn’t care for them while living in a car. I was there when the owners turned them all in and it was heartbreaking”

Paula continues “Ford didn’t do very well in the shelter environment and became code red a few days after he was surrendered. Ford was one of the lucky ones though. A rescue noticed him through networking. This was the Rottweiler Rescue of Michigan so they had a lot of work to do to get him transported up to Michigan. We received an update from them recently and here is what they said:

“Wanted to give you an update on Ford who was nicknamed ‘Honey Bear’ by one of his transporters – each and every transporter fell in love with him and didn’t want him to leave. The last transporter got her wish. Ford has been adopted by her 62 year mom who has a 6 year old spayed female rottweiler and 7 cats. She is a long time rottweiler owner, home with Ford all day, has a fenced park-sized yard for him to play in (if the snow ever melts!) and since his hips won’t let him climb up in bed with her at night, she bought him a twin mattress that is right next to her bed. His blood work was very good for a dog his age and he was heart worm negative (someone loved him very much at one time) so he is healthy enough to withstand anesthesia and be neutered. The only problem found is hypothyroidism, the easiest of all conditions to treat. He started on thyroid Monday and may even lose some of those 130 # once his thyroid stabilizes! Ford especially adores the cats, bathes them all day until their little faces are damp. He’s with his little sister, Lacey, in this photo. Thank you again so very much for all your patience in allowing us to get Ford.
Rottweiler Rescue of Michigan, Inc.”

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