How Seagoville Animal Shelter Became No Kill

September 17, 2012

Police Veteran Makes Open-Admission Animal Shelter No Kill & Ends Gas Chamber

When police veteran Sgt. Karl Bailey was appointed over the animal shelter in Seagoville, Texas, he used his position to make two bold changes. 1. He said he would not kill animals. 2. He dismantled the gas chamber and used it instead as a storage facility.

I had the pleasure to spend the day with Sgt Karl Bailey and the volunteers at the Seagoville Animal Shelter for the taping of this video. As you may know, Sgt. Bailey spoke at the DFW No Kill Workshop Pawsitively Texas hosted in March 2012. His story of how he led his shelter to become no kill is exceptionally inspiring and I knew then, his is a story that needs to be told, not just to Texas, but America.

The Seagoville Animal shelter is truly an inspiring story of conscience, compassion, and commitment. With Sgt. Bailey’s leadership and a small volunteer army of compassion, the Seagoville Animal Shelter proves that against the odds, the lives of shelter animals can be saved. I hope you are inspired, encouraged, and rejuvenated as you watch this video – and that you will share it so that we can take the message that saving the lives of shelter pets is indeed possible … across the entire US.

I plan to produce more inspiring and informative videos like this and hope that you will join me! I am in process of launching an online shop that will allow me to generate funds to do so. Donations and video sponsorships are also available. If you would like to be the first to see and shop the boutique, please leave a message below in comments and I will email you when the shop launches; you can also leave a message to learn more about sponsoring a video. There are so many great stories that need to be told!

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Sgt Karl Bailey Seagoville Animal Shelter

Sgt. Karl Bailey, Seagoville Animal Shelter


  1. AWESOME! Am sharing this with all the kill shelters and rescue groups in hopes they flood the kill shelters with requests to become a NO KILL Shelter. God bless you…thank you!

  2. Alva,

    Thank you so much for sharing this video. It’s so encouraging and it CAN be done!

    Note: You should have a disclaimer to have a tissue handy….. =D

  3. Tears in my eyes…THANK YOU Sgt. Bailey and all the wonderful employees and volunteers at Seagoville Animal Shelter. Making Texas proud!

  4. Are you equipped to take horses? if not, do you know any NO KILL facility who will? Please reply to me or to Marsy Delongy on Facebook. Also you could post to a group called PAWS on Facebook directed to Becca Ferguson Watson. We have an urgent need. The horsefarm was sold and any remaining horses will be killed!!!

    I cannot tell you how important this is!! Marsy Delongy is the most familiar with horses.


  5. I need help placing my dog because I’m having to move and no one will let me keep her. She’s a Boxer/Pit mix ,4 years old and current on all shots. Please help me out and let me know something.
    Sara Roberts

    • Hi Sara, please post on the Facebook page and contact rescues too. Post her photo, along with city, and contact info – all key to helping her get networked. Also share her with your friends, family, co-workers, etc. and ask them to do the same. Owner surrenders can be killed immediately upon surrender in Texas shelters, so please contact everyone you can think of and ask them to share her too. On Facebook, people are great about networking pets in need.

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