No Kill Animal Shelter Experts Q&A Session

No Kill Animal Sheltering Expert Tips (photo)

No Kill Shelter Tips from No Kill Leaders Animal Shelters staff, Rescues, and Volunteers asked questions of the Mission: Pets Alive workshop speaker panel. No kill experts include, left-to-right: Kelli Alexander–Denton County Texas no Kill Advocate, Dr. Ellen Jefferson–Austin Pets Alive! Director, Cheryl Schneider–Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter Director, Mike Kitkowski–Rockwall Pets, and Sgt. Karl
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How to Help Stray Cats (Videos)

How to save homeless cats and kittens (photo)

Feral Cats Wild, unsocialized cats are called Feral Cats. They colonize and can be a helpful addition to local communities as they control the rat population and provide other benefits. Please note that a feral cat is not the same as a stray cat that may be someone’s lost pet. Lost pets can be scared,
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How to Rescue and Rehome Stray Animals Video

How-To-Rescue and Rehome Stray Dogs (photo)

Rescuing Street Strays The Corridor of Cruelty in Houston, Texas is sadly, a popular dumping ground for abandoned pets. Deborah Hoffman illustrates that change begins with one person committing to being the change. In this 5 minute video, Deborah shares the horrors that are the Corridor and how the organization she founded works to not
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Animal Shelter Crisis Management

Animal Shelter Crisis Management (photo)

No Kill Animal Shelter Crisis Management: Discover how to effectively manage the animal shelter and maintain no kill during high intake seasons, budget cuts, and other unexpected challenges in this 53 minute video presentation with Cheryl Schneider, director of the no kill Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter in Georgetown, Texas. After watching this video presentation,
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The Lifesaving Programs of a No Kill, Open-Admission Shelter

No Kill Animal Shelter Programs (photo)

A No Kill, Open Admission Shelter Utilizes Proven, Life-Saving Programs Cheryl Schneider, Williamson County Animal Shelter Director,  gives a tour of the Williamson County Animal Shelter and shares the life-saving programs they use to save more than 90% of the animals that enter their shelter. In this 7 minute video filmed on location at the Williamson
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How to Recruit and Maintain a Large Volunteer/Foster Program

Animal Rescue Foster Volunteer Recruitment Tips (photo)

Building an Effective & Large Volunteer/Foster Program: Volunteers are key to the pets alive/no kill mission of saving homeless animals. Learn how to recruit, build, and maintain a solid volunteer program for your animal shelter or rescue group in this 47 minute video presentation with Dr. Ellen Jefferson, Austin Pets Alive! You can help defray
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19 Places To Find Animal Rescue Volunteers and Fosters

Animal Rescue Volunteer Recruitment Tips

Finding Volunteers and Fosters for Animal Shelters and Rescues! by Alva Logsdon Every community has great volunteer potential; the key is knowing where to find them and taking an active role to do so. Here are 19 resources you can focus your recruitment efforts on: Yahoo or Google groups (look for categories like animal groups,
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7 Ways to Reduce the Spread of Illness in Animal Shelter or Rescue

How to Reduce Spread of Illness in Animal Shelter (photo)

Protecting the Animals in Your Shelter’s Care by Alva Logsdon Anytime there is a large population (animal shelter, hospital, airplane, concert, etc.), there is a risk that illness or contagious disease will quickly spread exposing the entire population to a potentially life-threatening illness. However, with proper care the risks decrease; know and take low-cost, necessary
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How to Decrease the Spread of Illness in Animal Shelters Video

Low-Cost Animal Shelter Disease Management (photo)

Low-Cost Animal Shelter Disease Management Learn how to reduce the spread of illness and disease in an open-admission shelter, rescue, or foster home, even when funds are limited. In this 56 minute video presentation, Dr. Ellen Jefferson of Austin Pets Alive!, provides protocol and resources to keep animals safe and healthy. You can help defray
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Public Relations for Animal Shelters and Rescues

Public Relations Tips For Animal Rescue and Shelters (photo)

Public Relations Tips for Animal Shelter and Rescues Get Your Paws On More Media: the community is full of animal lovers that will support pets in need, if they know the need. Getting the local news stations to cover stories about your pets gives them the exposure needed to not only find new homes, but
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