19 Places To Find Animal Rescue Volunteers and Fosters

Animal Rescue Volunteer Recruitment Tips

Finding Volunteers and Fosters for Animal Shelters and Rescues! by Alva Logsdon Every community has great volunteer potential; the key is knowing where to find them and taking an active role to do so. Here are 19 resources you can focus your recruitment efforts on: Yahoo or Google groups (look for categories like animal groups,
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7 Ways to Reduce the Spread of Illness in Animal Shelter or Rescue

How to Reduce Spread of Illness in Animal Shelter (photo)

Protecting the Animals in Your Shelter’s Care by Alva Logsdon Anytime there is a large population (animal shelter, hospital, airplane, concert, etc.), there is a risk that illness or contagious disease will quickly spread exposing the entire population to a potentially life-threatening illness. However, with proper care the risks decrease; know and take low-cost, necessary
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How to Decrease the Spread of Illness in Animal Shelters Video

Low-Cost Animal Shelter Disease Management (photo)

Low-Cost Animal Shelter Disease Management Learn how to reduce the spread of illness and disease in an open-admission shelter, rescue, or foster home, even when funds are limited. In this 56 minute video presentation, Dr. Ellen Jefferson of Austin Pets Alive!, provides protocol and resources to keep animals safe and healthy. You can help defray
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Public Relations for Animal Shelters and Rescues

Public Relations Tips For Animal Rescue and Shelters (photo)

Public Relations Tips for Animal Shelter and Rescues Get Your Paws On More Media: the community is full of animal lovers that will support pets in need, if they know the need. Getting the local news stations to cover stories about your pets gives them the exposure needed to not only find new homes, but
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Animal Rescue Resources

Animal Rescue Resources (photo)

Budget-Minded Tools to Strengthen Your Marketing, Social Media, and Community Outreach Be competitive with “no or low cost” tools to strengthen your organization’s brand and presence in the community. There is simply no reason non-profit and government organizations can’t have a solid marketing and social media online presence using the latest tools for website, brand,
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How to Start an Animal Shelter Volunteer Program

How to Start an Animal Shelter Voluntter Program (photo)

Increasing Shelter Live Release Rates Through a Community Volunteer Partnership Animal shelter volunteers can provide valuable resources, manpower, and efficiencies in shelter operations. Learn how a successful shelter volunteer program can increase pet adoptions/live release rates and excellence in community relations in this 30 minute video featuring Sgt. Karl Bailey, Director of the no kill Seagoville
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How to Photograph Shelter Pets

Kitten photo by Photographer Jenny Froh

Pet Photo Tips from Professional Pet Photographers Great pet photos increase awareness and adoptions! With the explosion of social media, animal rescuers are saving more lives than ever before – and quality pet photos increase a pet’s chance for adoption! Like any successful business, “product marketing” relies on presentation. And beautiful photos showcasing a pet’s
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Austin Pets Alive! The Journey to No Kill Video

How Austin, Texas became a no kill animal shelter city (photo)

No Kill Austin, Texas: The People and Programs Austin, Texas is currently the largest city in the United States that is achieving no kill status – which is defined as a save rate of 90% or more of the animals that enter the open-admission, tax-payer funded shelter. This 11 minute video takes you on a tour
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I Wanna Be Loved – Pet Adoption Music Video

Pet Adoption Video

3 June 2014 I Wanna Be Loved! – the anthem of homeless pets around the world! So far, this video has only been seen by 22,231 people; it’s definitely a music video that deserves to go viral; so let’s make it happen! Please share this post and ask others to do the same! When I
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Meet Chester – A Gifted Shelter Dog

Chester at Texas Animal Shelter

23 May 2014 A Shelter Dog’s Very Noble Mission Do you remember Chester? We all shared him this week on Facebook. Shelter volunteers LOVED him and were amused by his relentless pursuit of the fetch game. When I shared him on Facebook, I wrote “FETCH! FETCH! FETCH! Chester loves to play fetch – and he’s
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