How to Rescue and Rehome Stray Animals Video

Rescuing Street Strays

The Corridor of Cruelty in Houston, Texas is sadly, a popular dumping ground for abandoned pets. Deborah Hoffman illustrates that change begins with one person committing to being the change. In this 5 minute video, Deborah shares the horrors that are the Corridor and how the organization she founded works to not only save them, but help heal and vet them, then find loving homes for the precious pets in need. The program Deborah started in Houston, can be duplicated in any community any where; we need street rescue teams everywhere!

The Corridor of Cruelty program is a model that can be developed and implemented in any community. Many communities have secret dumping grounds; programs like this can save the dear, but abandoned animals in your town.

IMPORTANT NOTE: not all dogs and cats found living on the streets are actually abandoned and homeless. Even if dirty, matted, covered in fleas, skinny, and/or injured, sometimes these pets have families searching for them and have been unable to find them (a loving pet owner’s worst nightmare!!!). When a pet is left to fend for themselves and living on the streets, their appearance can deteriorate quickly, so, please remember, physical appearance is not always an indicator that a pet has no owner/pet parent. If you find a stray dog or cat, take him/her to a local vet or shelter and ask to scan the pet for a microchip. Post “found dog/cat” flyers and post on social media, and the numerous lost/found pet sites and Craigslist.

Click here to learn more about feral cats and trap-neuter-release life-saving programs!

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