How to Help Stray Cats (Videos)

Feral Cats

Wild, unsocialized cats are called Feral Cats. They colonize and can be a helpful addition to local communities as they control the rat population and provide other benefits. Please note that a feral cat is not the same as a stray cat that may be someone’s lost pet. Lost pets can be scared, but they are not necessarily feral or wild.

“Feral cats are the same species as domestic cats, but they are not socialized to people and prefer to live in family groups called colonies. Because they are not adoptable, they are almost always killed in animal shelters.” – Alley Cat Allies

Although feral cats are wild and considered not adoptable in animal shelters, they can be trapped, neutered, and returned (TNR) to their colony. This keeps the colony under control and allows them to co-exist with people while doing their job in contributing to the local eco-system. You’ll know a cat has been TNRd when you see an ear that has been tipped (no longer pointy, but squared-off).

The links below are videos by Alley Cat Allies and will open in a new browser window:

What is a Feral Cat?

How to Trap an Entire Feral Cat Colony

Helping Community Stray Cats

Feral Cat Clinic Procedure

Feral Cat FAQs

Feral Friends Network (not a video, but a helpful resource)

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