A Prayer for Street Kitties

January 29, 2012

A SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL POEM about the cats and kitties that are born, live, and die on the streets. In animal rescue, they are called feral cat colonies. If like the author of this poem, you wish to learn more about caring for the feral cats in your community and managing the colony population with the TNR program, please join us Saturday, March 10 for the DFW No Kill Workshop! Click here for all details of the amazing workshop and how to register to attend: http://dallasfortworthnokillworkshop.eventbrite.com

A Prayer for all the Street Kitties
Copyright 1997, S L Smith

From kittenhood you lived your life upon unforgiving streets.
Tough existence for a cat, though you never asked for peace
And now all I can offer you is the needless final peace.

Think of a world where every litter’s planned.
Where every cat is wanted in every town and land
Why are so many homeless? It’s hard to understand
Why every shelter cats and strays.
Praying for adoption within their seven days.
Accusing us of negligence in each compelling feline gaze.
If I took you to a shelter you wouldn’t stand a chance
When even cuddly kitties don’t get a second glance;
And you just growl and hiss and spit while they all purr and prance.
I hope God understands why I cannot offer more
Than a filling bowl of cat food placed outside my door
And a blanket in the garage so you can rest your weary paws.
You are a wild spirit but you could live inside with me.
You need my protection, and you still could be happy.

To neuter and to nurture, that is my responsibility.
And now you’re old the time has come to bring you final rest.
That you let me pick you up at last, I feel that I am blessed
Though I know it’s just because you’re too weak to resist.
I pray that God has mercy on me and will understand,
That for his wild creature I’ve done the best I can not
to just love you from a distance, my wild street kitty friend.

For all the other kitties that live upon the street,
I pray someone will neuter/spay them and give them food to eat, a home
And a helping hand right at the end to ease them into sleep so they will not be alone.

Learn more about successful Feral Cat TNR programs March 10 at the DFW No Kill Workshop; click here: http://dallasfortworthnokillworkshop.eventbrite.com







  1. Very nice poem. Over the years I have taken in quite a few feral cats all of which have learned to love and depend on the human hand. Each one was evidentually neutered or spayed, vaccinated and either released to live outside but with plenty of food, water and shelter or given to permanent homes. If only more people would “fix” their cats, there would be less of them living on the streets. Thanks for the poem

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