The Perfect Storybook Love All Pets Should Have

Fancy feast white catOctober 10, 2011

Pets are Family!

I love the love story that is told in this series of videos!

All too often, in animal rescue, we find a shelter pet that has been discarded because of a new relationship, the birth of a child, a move – or other life change. And it breaks our heart as we network to rescue them. Because for many of us, pets are indeed family and the love we share with them enhances life in ways words can rarely define. I think about that each time I see the Fancy Feast cat food commercials. Yes, they are commercials created at an ad agency, and they are fantasy in a ‘Norman Rockwell meets True Romance meets women-have-been-planning-their-perfect-romantic-wedding-ever-since-the-age-of-six’ sort of way, but wow, what an expression of love! Fancy Feast and their ad team really knocked this one out of the ballpark in touching the heart of an animal lover and stirring dreams of the romantic with their Storybook Wedding commercial series emphasizing their tagline “the best ingredient is love.”

While it is a ‘storybook perfect love, perfect life’ commercial, I can’t help but think how much more beautiful our world would be if all pets knew this kind of precious love and care from their people. And that all relationships were strengthened by the presence of a pet. Afterall, don’t they love us this adoringly or more? In fact, maybe these commercials were actually written by a cat or a dog because they express love so perfectly. 😉

[Note: I am not compensated by this cat food company or anyone else; I just love the way they showcase “pets as family” in this ad series which is my dream for all pets!]

The following videos take you from the storybook engagement through the wedding and include a couple of extended cuts not shown on TV.

The Engagement - Fancy Feast Cat Commercial

Fancy Feast Cat Commercial - Wedding Planning

Fancy Feast Commerical - The Gift Registry

Fancy Feast Commerical - Something Borrowed Extended Cut

Fancy Feast cat food commercial white cat photo

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