URGENT NEED in UVALDE TEXAS – Shelter Animals Seized for Neglect

April 12, 2012

The Humane Society of Uvalde Texas reports:
“On Tuesday April 3rd, Uvalde County officials executed the seizure of all animals at the Uvalde Animal Shelter located on hwy 83 in Uvalde County. This occurred following complaints of poor living conditions and concerns the animals were being neglected. The Humane Society of Uvalde, a local organization not affiliated with any national, state or other organization, has been awarded temporary custody of the animals until a hearing determines whether the animals will be returned to the Animal Shelter or become permanent custody of the Humane Society of Uvalde.”

Immediately following the seizure, the animals remained at the facility located on Highway 83, but care was transferred to the Humane Society of Uvalde pending the Wednesday, April 11 hearing. Their immediate responsibility included feeding and maintaining the pets. Several veterinarians are evaluating the health of the animals and the living conditions. Evidence and testimony was presented at the hearing. The reports list the number of live animals seized to be between 170 and 215; one was found dead behind some boxes outside the facility.

Renee Rimkus advises the HSU has now two weeks to find a place for all of the animals to go. As you can imagine, suddenly being responsible for upwards of 200 animals brings with it a great need for supplies, volunteers, rescues, donors for vet care, and more. The immediate supply needs are bleach, paper towels, plastic shopping bags, trash bags, metal food/water bowls and plastic doghouses. Items can be left at the HWY 83 location, at the HSU office located behind HEB or in our drop box at the Uvalde Wal-Mart near the eye center. Monetary donations can be made at www.hsuvalde.com via paypal, or mailed to PO Box 1650 Uvalde Texas, 78802. Rescues and fosters are also needed. Click here to see photos of dogs that can go to rescue.

The photos and video below are graphic, but show the despair and neglect these animals have known and the urgency of their need. Rescuers, Networkers, Donors … if you can help, the time is now.

Uvalde Animal Shelter Conditions Resulting in Seizure

This photo is a close-up of a dog’s ear infested with ticks.

Tick-infested uvalde shelter dog in animal seizure texas shelter

Photos copyright Humane Society of Uvalde

Photos copyright Humane Society of Uvalde

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  1. As a society, we should all be outraged by this video. Someone needs to be held accountable for this criminally. This should have NEVER happened!! This should have been reported to authorities in the beginning and help should have been made available to the poor animals. They died in such horrific pain and conditions and without one ounce of dignity! I am going to be writing some pretty scathing letters to the Mayor, etc., in Uvalde, Texas. This is like a damn holocaust!

  2. Im so sorry what happened to those poor animals that died. I wanted to send my four dogs with you, but what happened im not realy sure and i will have to talk to my dad and if i dont send you other email then that means that i will not send my dogs with you.
    Liana M.

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