7 Valentine’s Day Pet Adoption Posters

10 February 2014

Increasing Pet Adoptions Through Creative Marketing!

I believe there is a loving home for the majority of shelter pets; they just need exposure to be found by someone who will adopt them. Pets are love. And love is celebrated during the Valentine’s Day week. So what better time to tell the world about the pets available for adoption in your animal shelter or rescue group than the week of Valentine’s Day?

A retail marketing model is a proven solution for increasing pet adoptions! Make a simple pet adoption poster – or invite a creative shelter supporter or local high school or college student to design one for you! Post it on social media, send to your email list (ask them to tell others), AND contact the local media and ask them to do a story on the pets in need of a home. If your shelter hours are not conducive to pet adoptions (i.e. open weekends and late evenings), change them to accommodate more adoption traffic at the shelter. Saving lives is possible, when simple, but proven pet adoption strategies are implemented! Here are seven pet adoption promotions to inspire you to create your own!

Adopt a Valentine Pet Adoptions

Arlington, Texas Animal Services

Pet Adoption is love Valentine's Day promotion

Austin, Texas Pet Adoption Promotion

Austin Texas pet adoption Valentine's day promotion

Collin County Texas Adopt Love Pet Adoption
Adopt love pet adoption Collin County Texas

Seagoville Texas Animal Shelter Pet Adoption Promotion
Seagoville Texas animal shelter pet adoption for Valentine's Day

Williamson County Texas Valentine’s Day Pet Adoption

Williamson County Texas Valentine's Pet Adoption

Nevada Humane Society Adopt a Valentine!
Adopt Your Valentine Pet Adoption

FairFax County Animal Shelter Virginia

Fairfax County Animal Shelter Valentine Pet Adoption Promotion

BONUS! Here is an 8th Valentine’s Day Themed Pet Adoption Poster from Irving, Texas
Valentine's Day Themed Pet Adoption Poster-Irving, Texas animal shelter

BONUS! Here is an 9th Valentine’s Weekend Pet Adoption Poster from San Antonio Pets Alive!

Furry Valentine Pet Adoption Weekend Poster

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Adopt a Texas pet photo

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