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Born on the Streets This is Fancy’s Story

Fancy South Houston Animal Shelter Rescue

August 20, 2011 Meet Fancy and enjoy her moving story of rescue, over-coming fear and trust issues, learning to love and be loved, and the beginning of her happily ever after story. This story is written and produced by the folks at the South Houston Animal Shelter, Pasadena Poodle Patch, and made possible because of
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A Memorial Day Tribute To Canines That Serve

American dog photo

May 30, 2011 A Soldier’s Angel … a video tribute to the canines that proudly serve and defend alongside our brave and sacrificial men and women of the US military. America is the treasure of freedom because of you! The person that created this video writes: “This video is also a promotion for my senior
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Home Devastated By Tornado – Missing Cat Reunion

Missing Cat Reunion

May 20, 2011 Judy Pugh and her three cats took cover when she realized a tornado was near her home in Alabama. The home was devastated, but Judy and two of her cats survived. She held onto hope she would find her other baby of 10 years – and searched every day for three weeks.
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Missing for 287 Days – Cheeto’s Story

May 15, 2011 Now this is a story to celebrate! Thank you Jeanne for posting this wonderful update to Cheeto’s story on our Facebook Page. As Jeanne says, she shared Cheeto’s plight last year on our Pawsitively Texas Facebook Page and many folks networked and prayed for his safe return. But good news never came.
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Buddy & Max – A Dog & Cat That Touched Our Hearts

April 11, 2011 Buddy & Max touched our hearts when Patty posted their story on our Pawsitively Texas Facebook Page. Their Dad, a senior citizen, had to tearfully give them up to the Austin pound when he feared he would lose his home. This is the video where we first met Buddy the dog and
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Norah The Stray Dog and Her Nine Pups

April 5, 2011 A story of survival, love, and the care of people who wish to make a difference for the unwanted dogs in their community. Guest Blogger, Rekka Melby of Take Me Home Rescue shares this beautiful story. *Tissue Alert* The Story of Norah and Her Nine Little Pups Back in mid-February, right after
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I Rescued A Human Today

September 5, 2009 Pets bring such joy and sparkle to our lives. Their unconditional love is unmatched, their instincts to protect and love a unique gift. This article illustrates what a dog brings to our life, as told from the perspective of a dog awaiting adoption. I Rescued a Human Today by Janine Allen Her
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