Who Would Want This Dog? From Abuse to Love – a Story of Hope!

21 November 2013

Guest Post by Brittany Londergan, Aransas County Texas Animal Shelter Volunteer, with Megan, Ronel, Emily, Tish, Jared and Kathy

There is Always Hope – Max’s Story

It is through tears of joy that we share this VERY special update. Max came to Aransas County Animal Control (ACAC) in July as a cruelty case. For 11 years he was the “property” of a negligent, abusive owner. ACAC was finally able to rescue him, but there he sat, stuck in a small kennel day after day. ACAC was trying to press charges against his owner for cruelty and neglect, so poor Max just had to wait … hour after hour, day after day.

Immediately after we posted Max, we received an overwhelming outpouring of love and support. He had no clue that all across Texas, strangers were feverishly working to save him from euthanasia. This was no easy task. He was, after all, high heartworm positive, and 11 years old with bad hips and legs. We loved Max, but we weren’t sure if someone else would willingly open their heart and home to a dog in this condition.

We couldn’t have saved Max without the help of Pawsitively, TX Facebook page and the help of your followers. Also, you posted about us having adoption events and we gained 175 new friends within 2 hours. Those people have helped us save many more lives by reaching more people. Thank you!

One day, Max’s angel walked in. She saw past his limp and worn out body. She wasn’t deterred in the slightest by his condition. She wanted him. Just like that, Max had a home and a family to call his own. We cried happy tears as Max hobbled out of the shelter. In the car, a brand new orthopedic bed awaited him. He wagged his tail, and looked back once more to say “goodbye,” then moved forward to rest his head gently on his new mom’s shoulder. Good luck, Max. We will miss you, but you are home now.

A dog named Max adopted from the Aransas County animal shelter!

Max has been with his new mom for almost 3 months. He has gained an additional 20 pounds as he was extremely underweight when he came to the shelter. After careful consideration, he had surgery to repair a broken hip and leg that he had been living with for years. His mom reports he plays like a puppy.  And although his body shows the signs of years of neglect, his heart does not.
Max adopted from Aransas County Texas animal shelter
The true moral of this story to me is, as rescuers, there is always hope. People said he couldn’t be saved. They questioned who would want him as he was sick and feeble, but there is someone for everyone.  Most of all, there is still beautiful and unselfish people who will surprise you by taking a chance on a dog that deserved a family of his own. Volunteering at a high kill shelter, we often see the worst of the worst. Starving dogs, abused dogs, and owner surrenders. It’s enough to become hardened. But Max and his new mom help us to believe again in the good of people and the kindness that still exists. They make you believe in miracles. Max was special to us at the shelter. We loved him and tried to do what we could for him to make him comfortable. But knowing he’s resting on this cold night on a warm, plush bed gives me and my fellow volunteer (yes, there is only 2 of us!!) and the staff of Aransas County Animal Control the strength to keep going and fighting the fight.

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A note from Alva: Happy new life, Max! I am so thankful to be a part of a community that believes in homeless pets, regardless of age or physical condition, deserve to live and to have a loving home! They have life and love to give, we just have to help them find the perfect home. Thank you for helping Texas pets! If you have a beautiful story of animal rescue or adoption to share, click here to message me via the story submission form

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Max, saved from abuse, adopted into love


  1. The sick and feebled and old and ugly (others say) are the ones I want and adopt. I have four of them and one is blind and old. At least I know their last days will be happy and loved!! tysvvvm for all u do!!

  2. I love to hear happy adoption stories! God bless Max and his new family, and all those who helped Max survive to meet his new family.

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