Pets Before Profit – A New Breed of Business! Introducing Pet Rescue Rx

12 November 2013

New Pet Pharmacy Adopts Non-Profit Business Model to Support Homeless Pets! They’re giving away 100% of Profits!

Pet Rescue Rx Founder Glenn Buckley DVMPeople need pharmaceutical products to care for their pets; in fact, it’s a multi-billion dollar annual industry. Animal rescues and shelters need funds to care for the homeless pets in their community. Three to four million shelter pets die each year due in part to lack of funding and fosters. An animal lover, who also happens to be a vet and local shelter board member, Glenn Buckley, DVM made the connection that an online pet pharmacy could allow a passive funding stream to aid animal rescue groups and shelters

Buckley partnered with his brother Scott, Owner/President of a New York IT company, to create Pets Rescue RX, an online pet pharmaceutical company providing prescription and non-prescription drugs as well as supplements and other pet supplies. Their concept is modeled on the Paul Newman company, Newman’s Own, where 100% of net profits, post tax, will be donated to animal rescues/shelters and municipal shelters. The two animal loving brothers are self-funding the start-up and take no salary. They are committed to saving the lives of homeless pets near and far with this unique business model.

“Pet Rescue Rx was started because I believe that a sustainable form of funding for animal welfare groups is needed to support the tremendous work they do. In most rescues, 75 percent or more of their operating budget is from donations, Buckley said. “We believe that our customers purchasing their pets’ medications and supplies from Pet Rescue Rx will make a great impact on funding animal shelter and rescue needs. The largest online pharmacy for pet medications made more than $16 million in net profit last year. This is our goal. We believe this money should be getting to the shelters and rescues that need it most.”

A $7+ Billion Dollar Industry to the Rescue

Pet Rescue RxPet owners and care takers spent more than $7 billion dollars on pets last year according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) … some estimates are as high as $8.6 billion. Many animal lovers want to do more to help homeless pets, but don’t really know how. With the launch of this new business, it’s now very simple for consumers to help save homeless animals. They simply purchase all their pet medications and supplies online at Pet Rescue Rx and select a rescue or shelter to support at checkout. If the venture is able to succeed as planned, municipal animal shelters and 501(c)(3) animal shelter and rescues will receive funding to care for their pets. It will not only provide needed funds, but will require less time fundraising and begging for funds to care for pets in need, enabling rescuers to focus on the actual care of the pets.

Animal rescues and shelters receive a double benefit from this business model. They’ll receive sales proceeds from purchases made by their supporters. But they’ll also receive proceeds from the sales of the products they purchase, giving them sort of a built in rebate discount on the items they need to care for the pets.

Pet Rescue Rx – Pets Before Profits

Pet Rescue Rx is located in Akron, NY, Buckley’s hometown. Currently, it is licensed to sell Rx drugs 22 states with plans to be available in all 50 as soon as possible. However, anyone in any state, may purchase non-prescription drugs – and any municipal animal shelter or 501(c)(3) can sign up to be a funding recipient. Approximately 130 groups have currently signed-up as beneficiaries, but that number is expected to grow much larger as word spreads of this new breed of pharmacy! Click here to see, and track, which states Pet Rescue Rx is licensed in.

Animal Shelter and Rescue Requirements:

Pet Rescue Rx already has more than 100 shelters and rescues signed up to participate in the program.  Shelters and rescues must be either a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, or municipality, to register. Each customer chooses the shelter or rescue to support at the time of checkout. It’s just that easy!

Pet Rescue Rx is currently licensed to sell pet pharmaceuticals in 22 states; click here for a full list of states. The goal is to be available in all 50 states and will be as soon as their license is approved. However, non-prescription drugs and supplies are available for purchase now.

3 Ways You You Can Help!

  1. Purchase your pet supplies and prescriptions from Pet Rescue Rx and select an animal shelter or rescue to support at checkout
  2. Encourage your friends, family, and co-workers to purchase from Pet Rescue Rx
  3. Tell local animal shelters and rescues about Pet Rescue Rx and encourage them to sign up!

Links You Need:

Pet Rescue Rx Website
Pet Rescue Rx Shelter/Rescue Registration
Pet Prescription Transfer/New Rx Authorization Form
Pet Rescue Rx Newsletter Signup
Pet Rescue Rx Financial Disclosure
Meet the People Behind Pet Rescue Rx
Find Pet Rescue Rx on Facebook … they currently have 1,255 likes; we can help them get more, right?!

“As a volunteer veterinarian for shelters and one who serves on the board of directors for the Cattaraugus County SPCA in Olean, NY, I have seen the need first hand. I wanted to create something that will have an impact on these issues across the country. I take no compensation from Pet Rescue Rx,” Buckley said. This is about giving back in the best way I know how.”

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Note: this is an unpaid article about Pet Rescue Rx

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  1. Thank you for doing this. I would like to request that maybe you could look into contributing to the kill shelters with some kind of promise from them that they would stop using short cuts to save money when administering the serum used that is painful because they do not put them to sleep first and stick them many times in wrong places and also put them in freezer still alive to die a slow painful lonely death. This is nothing short of animal abuse and it is legal for the sake of saving money.

    • Good morning Beverly,

      Our hope is for more and more shelters to be able to transition to no-kill facilities. It is the lack of funding many times to shelters and rescues which results in the decisions being made. Our goal at Pet Rescue Rx is help with the funding so the lives of the pets in shelters is improved until they all be adopted into loving homes. Thank you for your thoughts and your passion.
      Glenn Buckley, DVM Pet Rescue Rx.

  2. We would be so honored to be considered for this money.
    LARAS House was started with so very little resources. We have come along way from the first.
    We have fundraisers to raise money to take care of the animals in our care. Times are really hard and we see our donors having trouble to help us out. Economy is really hitting hard. We try to keep our fundraisers fresh.
    Thank you again for opening this opportunity for us.

    Becky Boggio
    LARAS House Board member

    • Fantastic, Becky! There’s a link in the article for rescues and shelters to apply. Once signed up, just let your adoptees, fosters, volunteers, and social media supporters know on a regular basis that when they shop at Pet Rescue Rx, they can support your organization too. It’s pretty simple! Thanks for the work LARAS House does for the homeless pets!
      Best to you!

  3. Hi Becky,

    Your comments are what challenged me to start Pet Rescue Rx. I believe a sustainable form of funding outside of donations can assist in the great work being done. With your help to spread the word about Pet Rescue Rx we can see this happen. Thank you for your thoughts and devotion.
    Glenn Buckley, DVM Pet Rescue Rx

    • Karole,
      Thank you so much for the support. Many large corporations are profiting from the pet medication market. We are here to make it profitable for the millions of homeless pets and the shelters and rescues across the country that care for them. Have a wonderful evening. Glenn Buckley, DVM Pet Rescue Rx

  4. Hello,
    Love what you are doing. I have worked for Vets for many years. I know that the Vet increases the price 100 per cent. I have no prob
    me with that they must maintain an office, and staff. Not to mention loan they must pay as well take of their family.
    My suggesting that you contact the drug companies. They will have drugs, such as parvovirus and heart worm tests, that might be becoming outdated.
    Just trying to help.

  5. I am so grateful for everyone that loves and supports animals. I believe that we need to change laws and the way that animals are looked at. Animals are not just possessions, they are living, feeling, and loving creatures. Compassion and education is what we need.
    Thank you!

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