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Special Need for Rosenberg Animal Shelter Pets

Gizmo the dog is available for adoption at the Rosenberg Texas animal shelter

January 11, 2012 The majority of the time, animal rescue groups are begging for more fosters so they can save an animal. Today, we have a Foster that is seeking a rescue group to help her save Gizmo. You know how some days, a particular dog or cat will break through and pierce your heart
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It’s Not Too Late to Support Your Local Animal Rescue and/or Shelter Pets!

Year End Shelter Pet Support

December 31, 2011 Animal rescue groups rely on donations to fund their work saving the lives of pets in need in local communities. Many shelters do not have adequate supplies to care for the shelter pets in their care. Many people have been impacted by the economy and can not give financially (but they give
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War Vets, Shelter Dogs Heal Together in P2v Program

David Sharpe P2V Shelter Dog Helping Vets

November 11, 2011 How Dogs Help Veterans Cope with PTSD This video, produced by Time, beautifully and soulfully illustrates the healing relationship dog offers man. “Struggling with post-traumatic stress, veteran David Sharpe says he found a dog at a shelter that saved his life. Now, with a group called P2V, he pairs other vets with
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How Pet Photos Increase Shelter Pet Adoptions

Cute Lab puppy Photo by Jenny Froh

September 29, 2011 This is a new video that highlights the difference photography can make in a pet being adopted – or not. It is produced by Fix Your Images. Click here to see the other great Pet Photo Tips series blog posts shared by pro photographers in the Pawsitively Texas community. Alva’s Note: Like
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8 Tips for Photographing an Active Puppy or Kitten

blue eyed kitten photo by jenny froh

September 21, 2011 By Jenny Froh, Pet Photographer Sometimes an active puppy or kitten can pose a challenge to getting a great photo to increase his/her chance for adoption. Here are eight tips to help you get the best picture possible! 1. Turn off your flash. Get in front of a window or go outside for
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One Hundred Thousand Hearts (animal rescue educational video)

One Hundred Thousand Hearts official photograph

May 31, 2011 One Hundred Thousand Hearts is a very well-produced documentary of the plight of animals in municipal shelters. The numbers are both staggering and heartbreaking, and while Houston is a very large community in Texas, it is still just one. When you add the numbers across the state, for municipal shelters big and small,
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Shelter Pet Miracles By Animal Rescue

Carrollton Animal Rescue

May 26, 2011 Notice the title of this album (below) for the Carrollton Animal Services’ pets; it reads “Happy Tails.” Tuesday night, we were networking these adorable pets because they were out of time. In fact, they only had until 7:00am Wednesday morning to be saved. With these posts, we’re all on edge, watching, hoping,
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Dog Nurses Motherless Kittens

shelter dog motherless kittens

May 7, 2011 Precious Lily, a shelter dog, took over as Mom when three litters of kittens lost their own respective Moms! Be inspired by her sweet, soul-stirring story! The love of a mother can change the world! So can the love of a dog!

Every Home Needs A Harvey! Pet Adoption Video

April 12, 2011 It is a proven no kill initiative to employ creative marketing when showcasing pets for adoption. Making use of video to show the pet’s personality, good photography, and social media marketing are all great tools to help pets find their forever homes more quickly. The video below is just a fun look
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Adopt a Pet!

Find your next pet from the comfort of home! Use our Adopt a Pet search page to search for pets by pet type, breed, age, and zip code. Since it searches both shelters and animal rescues, check often as both update their databases with frequency! And check out the many dogs and cats in need
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