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A Prayer for Street Kitties


January 29, 2012 A SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL POEM about the cats and kitties that are born, live, and die on the streets. In animal rescue, they are called feral cat colonies. If like the author of this poem, you wish to learn more about caring for the feral cats in your community and managing the colony
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The Inspirational Impact Dr Martin Luther King Jr Has on Pawsitively Texas

Martin Luther King Jr Tribute on Pawsitively Texas

Originally written January 16, 2012 – Updated January 20, 2014 Righting American Wrongs America pauses this week to remember and honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A brave man guided by his moral convictions to advocate change for the civil rights of a people that had long been abused, oppressed, and held back. He knew
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Pawsitively Thankful …

Pawsitively Thankful image

November 23, 2011 I  wanted to take a moment and let you know how very thankful and grateful I am to the amazing people that make up the Pawsitively Texas and animal rescue communities. We share a photo, a story of a dog, cat, and occasionally livestock in need, and this wonderful community fueled by
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Introducing … American Pets Alive!

American Pets Alive Logo

August 22, 2011 GREAT NEWS FOR A MONDAY! Austin Pets Alive! has gone national to help other cities become NO KILL. From the American Pets Alive Facebook page, they describe their mission as “AmPA enables groups outside of Austin to reach No Kill utilizing the successful methods of Austin Pets Alive. Training focuses on euthanasia
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The Little Shelter That Could


May 27, 2011 Guest Blogger, Rekka Melby – Take Me Home Pet Rescue We all get tired of all the daily, heartbreaking emails of “the lists” from our local shelters and postings on facebook. We beg and plead with them to stop the killing and be No Kill shelters. This is the story of a
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Why We Share the Animal Shelter Urgent Kill Lists

April 13, 2011 Animal Shelter Kill Lists Save Lives Some people have told me they have to unsubscribe to our PawsitivelyTexas Facebook page because the urgent lists are just too painful to see. I agree, they are, and I’ve cried so often that the need is so overwhelmingly big. I know you do too. But
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Every Home Needs A Harvey! Pet Adoption Video

April 12, 2011 It is a proven no kill initiative to employ creative marketing when showcasing pets for adoption. Making use of video to show the pet’s personality, good photography, and social media marketing are all great tools to help pets find their forever homes more quickly. The video below is just a fun look
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Important Legislation for Texas Pets!

Friday, we were excited to announce great legislation for Paws! See: the blog post announcing HB 3450. This week, we learned Texas Humane League Network is opposed to this legislation designed to bring shelter reform and compassion to our Texas animal shelters. In an email to one who questioned why, she was referred to as
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